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About Program

Zacuto presents an Emmy winning film from director Steve Weiss.  A year and a half in the making, Light & Shadow gives us all a peek into the minds of legendary cinematographers.

If you’re searching for textbook answers, you won’t find them here. Thought-provoking questions such as “What is creativity?”, “What shapes your vision?” and “How do you look at life?” provide an inspirational view about what it truly means to be a cinematographer.

If you have only one takeaway from Light & Shadow, let it be a reminder that cinematography, like all art forms, is something that comes from within. The technology can be taught, and anyone can pick up a camera and learn how to operate it. To capture an emotion and move an audience through visual storytelling is the real challenge. The big question is this: can it be learned or are you born with it?

Produced by Zacuto Films