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Thousands of videos to help you on your filmmaking and screenwriting journey.

Movies, documentaries, series about filmmaking, screenwriting and content creation. Also take online classes taught by some of the film industries greatest minds, all in one place. It's NETFLIX for Filmmakers!


What Members are saying

Giles Alderson

Filmmaker & Host of the Filmmakers Podcast

"This is the way forward for indie film makers. An incredible platform with so much info and knowledge for directors, producers, and screenwriters. My new favorite platform"

Chris Sharpe


"IFHTV is like having the world's best film school on your iPhone - ready to access any time and anywhere. It is an indispensable resource not just for indie filmmakers but for for anybody interested in the art of cinema."

Parker Stenseth


"Indie Film Hustle TV brings film school to you! It gives an in-depth look at EVERY aspect of filmmaking through educational materials, documentaries, and so much more incredible content. If you want to be a filmmaker, IFHTV is an essential resource to help you build your wealth of knowledge along the way."

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Watch hundred of films, documentaries, series about filmmaking and learn from the best in the world.