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Part 1: Casting Your Indie Film Masterclass
Part 2: Casting Your Indie Film Masterclass
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About Program

Years in the making, Directing Actors is the most comprehensive acting and directing training in the world. Created by Per Holmes, the course teaches a better way to be a Director, by having extremely strong technique, and the right philosophy and personality on the set.

Through over a thousand examples, we cover literally every acting and directing technique, every interaction between Actor and Director, and we cast, rehearse and shoot 9 scenes.

Directing Actors is the result of Per Holmes' personal obsession with resolving once and for all the best way to work with Actors. Every known technique has been tested, and the results are surprising, sometimes shocking.

Directing Actors has involved almost 150 people through 7 years of development and 5 years of shooting and editing, including over 50 Actors who have gracefully allowed us to show the process without any filters.

In this course you will learn:

  • Casting Introduction 
  • Working With A Casting Director 
  • The Casting Call 
  • Evaluating Submissions 
  • What Are We Looking For Auditions Part I 
  • Directing The Audition Auditions Part II 
  • Auditions Part III