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Script Breakdown
Building the Schedule
Filling in the Numbers & Intro to Fringes

About Program

Film Industry veteran, Debbie Brubaker, UPM of Tim Burton's Big Eyes and Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine provides an overview of scheduling and budgeting a narrative feature.  This 4 part video series was shot at a sold-out event on in San Francisco. Brubaker, Known as San Francisco’s “Godmother of Indie Film”, has worked with some of the industries biggest directors including Woody Allen, Tim Burton, and Jennifer Siebel Newsom. In this workshop, she provides the wisdom for how to break down a screenplay, prepare a schedule, and fill those numbers in, especially the tricky “fringes”, which can make or break a budget.


Part 1: Script Breakdown

Part 2: Building The Schedule

Part 3: Filling in The Numbers & Intro to Fringes

Part 4: Getting the Fringes Right & Wrap-Up

A Class like this can often cost up to 300 dollars if you take it in person, but you have access to this amazing workshop here on IFHTV!