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About Program

Based on true events, "This is Meg" is a transparent look into the L.A lifestyle of a "working but not famous" comedienne and actress. She's not working as much as she used to because social media stars are trumping actors that have been in the business for decades. The sparkle of Hollywood Glam has changed to Twitter followers, making three-minute online videos and she's still playing the industry game with the rule book of ten years ago. 

Meg (Jill-Michele Meléan) is not married, doesn't have kids and her career is not fulfilling those empty gaps in her life. She's questioning her decisions because her life's expectations have not been met. But moments of defeat will not drag Meg down. She is determined that there is something bigger out there and digs for clarity. Meg's soul-searching finally evolves into enjoying the simplicity of existing. She realizes she needs to embrace the bad with the good and release expectations in this crazy world called life.

Official Selection - CineQuest Film Festival
Official Selection - Buffalo Niagara Film Festival
Closing Night Film - HollyShorts! Film Festival

Produced, Edited and Directed by Alex Ferrari
An IFHTV Original